Remembering H. A. Hargreaves

Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association Hall of Fame inductee, H. A. Hargreaves, passed away July 27, 2017 at the age of 89. A pioneer of the genre, his collection of short stories, North By 2000, was the first ever to be marketed as Canadian science fiction. His SF had a distinctly Canadian flavour: the stories addressed Canadian themes, were set in Canada, featured humble Canadian-style protagonists rather than alpha-male heroes, and came to Canadian-style ambiguous endings. For example, in his best known story, Dead to the World, the protagonist discovers that a computer error has listed him as dead; his tribulations in trying to correct the error lead him to conclude that he may actually be better off that way. Hargreaves stories – like the man himselfwere quiet and unassuming, yet deeply insightful, frequently moving, and always memorable. He will be missed, but his stories will always remain a crucial part of the Canadian SF canon.

We want to thank Robert Runte for writing this for us.