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Welcome to the ‘new’ Auroran Lights! It is devoted to promoting and celebrating Canadian SF&F Authors, Publishers and Artists to the maximum extent possible. It comes out monthly, usually before the 10th of each month, and provides a glimpse of what is happening and is about to happen on the genre scene. In issue #10 the editor lays out his concept. In #11 he demonstrates what he intends. Subsequent issues will be even more comprehensive.

Issues 1-9 were a strictly amateur publication devoted to promoting the Aurora Awards, CSFFA, and fandom. Then the CSFFA Board voted to make AURORAN LIGHTS the official newsletter of CSFFA, providing the editor (R. Graeme Cameron) now included professional aspects of the Canadian SF&F genre.

So, professionals, all you Genre Writers, Artists and Publishers, please send me info about your latest accomplishments, what you’re working on, what’s about to happen, where you’re going to appear, etc. (And fans too!) You can reach me at < rgraeme(at) >

Auroran Lights will be as inclusive as the editor can manage. We want to promote and celebrate EVERYBODY in the genre! After all, that’s what the Aurora Awards are all about!

Issues Promoting CSFFA, Fandom, AND Pros (Monthly).

AURORAN LIGHTS #22 February 2017

AURORAN LIGHTS #21 December 2016

AURORAN LIGHTS #20 November 2016

AURORAN LIGHTS #19 June 2016

AURORAN LIGHTS #18 March 2016

AURORAN LIGHTS #17 July 2015

AURORAN LIGHTS #16 March 2015/April 2015


AURORAN LIGHTS #14 Dec 2014/Jan 2015


AURORAN LIGHTS #12 October 2014

AURORAN LIGHTS #11   September 2014

AURORAN LIGHTS #10   August 2014

Issues promoting CSFFFA and Fandom (Irregular).

Auroran Lights #9   April 2014

Auroran Lights #8   April 2013

Auroran Lights #7 July 2012

Auroran Lights #6   May 2012

Auroran Lights #5   August 2011

Auroran Lights #4   May 2011

Auroran Lights #3   April 2011

Auroran Lights #2   March 2011

Auroran Lights #1 February 2011