How to Nominate

First, you must be a paid-up CSFFA member. If you paid in the past, LOG IN using the link on the side menu. The login information is the same as it was, CSFFA member number and e-mail.

If you have never been a paid member of CSFFA, first use the “Join CSFFA” menu item to register with a name and e-mail address. You should receive an e-mail with your CSFFA member number and login password. Then use the LOG IN in the side menu.

Once you have logged in, it will take you to the renewal page which will allow you to pay your membership fee, currently $10 for this calendar year, once you have entered a postal address. ( Sorry, it’s a federal government requirement.) Once you have paid via PayPal, keep going and use the link on the PayPal site to return to the CSFFA site. That will automatically update you paid status so you won’t have to wait for one of us volunteers to manually update you.

When you have renewed, go to the Nomination page using the menu item to nominate up to three works in each category.

Quick Links:

Nomination Page