Hall of Fame Trophy

Vancouver artist Gideon Hay sculpted this beautiful award trophy. The two back‐back faces represent facets of Janus, the Roman God of doorways, and of beginnings and endings. One face looks to the future, as much of Science has, and the other to the past, which is the home of most of Fantasy.

The female face is timeless, a homage to the sub-­‐genre of Time Travel. She wears a retro space helmet, referencing the traditional role of Space in Science Fiction, and also giving a bow to the popular sub-­‐ genres of Steam Punk and Alternate History.


The male face represents Fantasy with elements of Bacchus, Loki and the Green Man in his secretive, ironic smile. He wears the Knight’s helmet of Classical Fantasy. His wild face reminds us not only of the myths and legends that underlie all literature but also of dark fantasy and its eldritch children.

HoF_Fantasy_front 1:4_Male