Hall of Fame Inductees

The CSFFA Hall of Fame recognizes the Outstanding Achievements that have contributed to the stature of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

It can be awarded to Canadian Writers, Publishers, Editors, Poets, Artists, Graphic Novelists, Actors, Producers, Musicians/Filkers, Convention organizers, Fans, Scientists, Astronauts and others .

The Hall of Fame began with those who were previously awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. Since 2014 a jury has chosen the inductees each year.

Inductees for 2016

Guy Gavriel Kay                                                                                                               David Cronenberg

Inductees for 2015

Dave Duncan – Video: Dave Duncan receives Hall of Fame Plaque
H.A. Hargreaves
Michael Coney

First Hall of FameInductees for 2014

William Gibson
Spider & Jeanne Robinson

Lifetime Achievement Awards

Robert J SawyerRobert J. Sawyer – Lifetime Achievement: 2013






Dennis Mullin – Lifetime Achievement: 2008
Judith Merril – Lifetime Achievement: 1983 & 1986
Phyllis Gotlieb – Lifetime Achievement: 1982
Susan Wood – Lifetime Achievement: 1981
E. Van Vogt – Lifetime Achievement: 1980