Hall of Fame Nomination Guidelines and Jury

CSFFA Hall of Fame Guidelines

The CSFFA Hall of Fame Awards is a juried Award; the Jury’s decision is based on nominations submitted by members of CSFFA.

How To Nominate

You must be a CSFFA member in order to nominate. If you wish to nominate someone, first write out a fairly complete explanation of why they should be nominated for the Hall of Fame and then send it to <HallofFame@prixaurorawards.ca> or (snail mail) c/o Clint Budd 1432 Velvet Road, Gibsons BC V0N 1V5. Be sure you include your own name in full and email

About the CSFFA Jury:

Each member of the Jury has 1 vote.

      • The Jury consists of 5 members, 4 of who will have a 1- year term and shall be recruited from among Writers, Artists, Graphic Novelists, Musicians/Filkers, Active Fans, and Scientists.
      • The 5th member of the Jury is appointed by the CSFFA Board of Directors as a member of the Board. He/she will be the Jury Chair and will be the only continuing member of the Jury and will have a term limited to five (5) years, renewable.
      • The Chair’s responsibilities include recruiting the other members of the Jury, distributing the nominations among the Jury, and managing the vote as well as all the other housekeeping duties related to the Hall of Fame.
      • There shall be two new inductees to the Hall of Fame each year. In the first year all those previously awarded Lifetime Achievement Awards in the past shall be added to the Hall of Fame.
      • The Hall of Fame Trophy is a Sculpture with the names of the inductees. It isn’t given out, but instead will travel from Canvention to Canvention on display.
      • The Inductees receive a plaque with the image of the Trophy etched on it.
The CSFFA Hall of Fame Jury for 2016

Clint Budd (CSFFA Board Appointee/ Chair)
Brian Hades
Karl Johanson
Cathy Palmer-Lister
Yvonne Penney

The CSFFA Hall of Fame Jury for 2015

Clint Budd (CSFFA Board Appointee/ Chair)
Rick LeBlanc
Nina Munteneau
Robert Runté
Chris Szego

The CSFFA Hall of Fame Jury for 2014

Clint Budd (CSFFA Board Appointee/ Chair)
Diane Walton
Lorna Toolis
Robert J. Sawyer
Steve Fahnestalk