Best of the Decade Aurora Award

This year we are doing a special award to honour novels and multi-volume stories that were written by Canadians between January 2001 and the end of 2010. 

We decided that stories that were published as more than one book, such as a trilogy, would be counted as a single work.  There are a few exceptions.  They would only be combined if they were a single story but split into multiple parts. Some series are just stories set in the same universe.  Those books were not combined and viewed as individual works.  We also decided that if a multi-volume story began before 2001 it would be included.  Those that started in our timeline but do not end until after 2010 would not be included this year.  They will be eligible when we do this again in 10 years. 

Deciding on what will be on the ballot has been a challenge.  The CSFFA board decided to create an independent jury of fans to review a list of works and decide on a short list that will be voted on by the CSFFA membership as part of this year’s Aurora Awards.  The long list of works was over 200 items. 

The winner of this special Aurora Award will be presented with a unique trophy.  It is a six-inch solid clear glass orb with a series of intertwining coloured glass ribbons within it.  The award will be given out in Halifax at Hal-Con this September.