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The following works have been submitted as possibly eligible for a 2017 Prix Aurora Award.To be eligible, the work must have been first published in the 2016 calendar year, whether it came out as a physical book, e-book or as an audio edition.

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3-D MonarchKT WagnerAfter the Happily Ever After anthology (Transmundane Press)December 2016
A Door in the RockChadwick GintherThose Who Make Us (Exile Editions)
A Family to ChooseRebecca M. SeneseFiction River: Sparks (WMG Publishing)Spring 2016
A Fine BalanceCharlotte AshleyThe Magazine of Fantasy & Science FictionNovember 2016
A Fork in the RiverLisa TimpfDel Sol Review 21November 30, 2016
A Good HomeKarin LowacheeLightspeed Magazine
A Guide to Birds by Song (After Death)A.C. WiseClockwork Phoenix 5 (Mythic Delirium Books)2016
A Handful of DalNaru Dames SundarLightspeed - POC Destroy SF!June 2016
A Hole Lotta TroubleDavid PerlmutterTesseracts 19: Superhero Universe (EDGE)Winter 2016
A Matter of Anti-MatterRon FriedmanPolar Borealis Magazine #2July 2016
A Murder at Carleton HouseChris Patrick CarolanEnigma Front: Burnt, Analemma BooksAugust 2016
A New BestiaryMichal WojcickThose Who Make Us, Exile Editions
A Shame That Binds Our Hearts, Binds Our FateMatt MooreOn Spec #102April 2016
A Spell to Retrieve Your Lover From the Bottom of the SeaAda HoffmannStrange HorizonsNovember 2016
A Visit at Saint Nick'sGregg ChamberlainShoreline of Infinity 6December 2016
A Week in the SuperlifeAlex C. RenwickEDGE - Superhero Universe (Tesseracts Nineteen)1/2016
A Winter’s TaleDaria PatrieThe Shadow Over Portage and Main, Great Plains PublicationsApril 4, 2016
Abandon Hope All Yea Who Enter HereStephen B. PearlGreat Lakes Horror CompanyDecember 2016
After the FallMichael John BertrandPolar Borealis Magazine #3Nov/Dec 2016
Age of MiraclesRobert Runte Strangers Among Us anthology (Laska Media)August 2016
Alexander SystemsM. Darusha Wehmsub-QMay 2016
Anonymous TipNina MunteanuPolar Borealis Magazine #2Jul/Aug #2
Antony’s ArboretumRenée Sarojini SaklikarThose Who Make Us
Apollo and GretaEvelyn DeshaneEDGE - Superhero Universe (Tesseracts Nineteen)1/2016
As Far AsNancy SM WaldmanLazarus Risen (Bundoran Press)September 2016
As Travelers in Sky BoatsKristin JanzEscape PodSeptember 2016
As Worlds CollideStephen MichellThose Who Make Us
Auto EthnographyFiona MooreEpicSummer 2016
Back UpPeter WendtLazarus Risen (Bundoran Press)September 2016
Be Mine ForeverRobert DawsonAEFebruary 2016
Bedtime for SuperheroesLeigh WallaceEDGE - Superhero Universe (Tesseracts Nineteen)1/2016
BirdseyL.L. HillPolar Borealis Magazine #3Nov/Dec 2016
Black Falcon Saves City, WorldSacha A. HowellsEDGE - Superhero Universe (Tesseracts Nineteen)1/2016
Black SheepJason SharpEDGE - Superhero Universe (Tesseracts Nineteen)1/2016
Black Thorns and UnicornsRebecca SchaefferThose Who Make Us, Exile Editions
Blanche's Last SpikeHolly SchofieldNeo-Opsis #27December 2016
BloodhoundMarcelle DubéEDGE - Superhero Universe (Tesseracts Nineteen)1/2016
Bluefields Reharmony NestKim GoldbergEDGE - Superhero Universe (Tesseracts Nineteen)1/2016
Blunt InstrumentsGeoff HartEDGE - Superhero Universe (Tesseracts Nineteen)1/2016
Bones of Bronze, Limbs Like IronRhea RoseClockwork Canada, Exile Editions
BoredPaula Jane RemlingerOnspec Magazine #1032016
Buffalo Gals (Clockword Canada)Colleen AndersonClockword Canada, Exile EditonsApril 2016
Cadmium and the CopsDavid PerlmutterRobbed of Sleep #5 Fall 2016
Camera Drone CampS. KayPolar Borealis Magazine #3Nov/Dec 2016
Car WarsCory DoctorowDeakin UniversityNovember 2016
CarnivoresRich LarsonStrangers Among Us anthology (Laksa Media)August 2016
Cease And DesistDavid PerlmutterBlank SpacesSpring 2016
Chairman of the BoredDavid PerlmutterStrange Mysteries 7 (Whortleberry Press)Spring 2016
Change as Seen through an Orrery of Celestial FireMichael MathesonEDGE - Superhero Universe (Tesseracts Nineteen)1/2016
Children of CronusKristin JanzSilent Screams (Serpent & Dove Speculative Fiction)October 2016
Children of God Costi GurguStreet Magick (Elder Signs Press)October 2016
CicadasMelanie MarttilaSudbury Writers' GuildNovember 2016
Cold Iron ChristmasKT WagnerRed Fez, Issue #96December, 2016
Conversations with Four WallsSylvia SonPolar Borealis Magazine #3Nov/Dec 2016
CrashRon FriedmanEnigma Front: Burnt, Analemma Books August 2016August 2016
Crew 255Claire Humphrey Clockwork Canada
Crusher and TyphoonBrent NicholsEDGE - Superhero Universe (Tesseracts Nineteen)1/2016
Cuddly AbominationsJames A. ConanPolar Borealis Magazine #3Nov/Dec 2016
Customer ServiceN.J. MagusNeo-Opsis Magazine #27Dec 2016
Dallas's BoothSuzanne ChurchStrangers Among Us anthology (Laksa Media)August 2016
Dawn of the DarkshipJanet NicolsonAndromeda Spaceways MagazineDecember 2016
Dead ThingsLawrence Van HoofCosmic Roots and Eldritch ShoresDecember 2016
Deja VuLisa TimpfThird Flatiron, "It's Come to Our Attention" anthologyFebruary 20, 2016
Delta ChildMalon EdwardsFireside FicionSeptember 2016
Diary of a Teenage GrizzlyPatrick T. GoddardEDGE
Door in the RockChadwick GintherThose Who Make Us (Exile Editions)
Dyson SphereWilliam SquirrellPolar Borealis Magazine #3Nov/Dec 2016
Earth and FlameSusan ForestAnalema BooksSummer, 2016
East Wind in Carrall StreetHolly SchofieldClockwork Canada (Exile Editions)
End of My RopeHolly SchofieldFuturistica (Metasagas Press)June 2016
EpiphaniesMatthew HughesPS PublishingApril 2016
EquusKate storyClockwork Canada, Exile Editions
ExperienceSandra WickhamWorld Weaver Press (Sirens Anthology)
Fairy Tales Are for White PeopleMelissa Yuan-InnesFireside FictionFebruary 2016
Final ContactAl OniaVisions VI Galaxies by Lillicat PublishersNovember 2016
Fire Mage Lee F. PatrickAnalemma PressAugust 2016
Five Finger BladeSusan PietersPulp Literature PressIssue 10, Spring 2016
FizzJoe MahoneyPolar Borealis Magazine #3Nov/Dec 2016
Flight From the AgesDerek KunskenAsimov's Science Fiction2016
Fools for FermiIra NaymanPolar Borealis Magazine #3Nov/Dec 2016
For Old Time's SakeGeoff GanderNeo-Opsis Magazine #262016
Fostering Artistic TalentAndrew WilmotThose Who Make Us (Exile Editions)
Freedom's Just Another WordColleen Anderson Agnes and True.comApril 2016
Friday Nights at the HemingwayArun JiwaEDGE - Superhero Universe (Tesseracts Nineteen)1/2016
Frog SongErika HoltStrangers Among Us anthology (Laksa Media)August 2016
Game NightDavid PerlmutterDark Gothic Resurrected MagazineFall 2016
Generation GapHolly SchofieldLazarus Risen (Bundoran Press)September 2016
GhostsJ.M. FreyREUTS PublicationsApril 2016
Gladiators in SPACE!Éric DesmaraisJenEric DesignsSeptember 2016
Goin' to the ChapelRebecca M. SeneseFiction River: Visions of the Apocalypse (WMG Publishing)Summer 2016
Gold MountainKarin LowacheeClockwork Canada, Exile Editions
Healer's HoardsMatthew DanielsEngen Books: Sci-Fi from the RockApril 2016
Heartbreak, Gospel, Shotgun, Fiddler, Werewolf, Chorus: BluegrassJerome StueartThe Angels of Our Better Beasts (ChiZine Publications)October 2016
HenryKelly NgPolar Borealis Magazine #1Jan/Feb 2016
HivemindChristel BodenbenderPolar Borealis Magazine #1Jan/Feb 2016
Hot BloodedRobert BoseAnalemma Books (Enigma Front: Burnt)August 2016
Hot House FlowerStephanie CharettePulp Literature PressWinter 2016
How (Not) To Make Love To A SuperheroDavid PerlmutterDark Gothic Resurrected MagazineSummer 2016
How Objects Behave on the Edge of a Black HoleA.C. WiseStrangers Among Us (Laska Media)August 2016
How to Write a Successful Obituary for a SuperheroMatthew HootonPulp Literature PressSummer 2016
How to Write a Successful Obituary for a SuperheroMatthew HootonPulp Literature PressIssue 11, Summer 2016
How We Say HelloJanet NicolsonOn Spec2016 and BestNancy SM WaldmanMetasagas PressJune 2016
I Am NOT Little Red Riding HoodS. L. SaboviecSeven Twenty-One PublishingMarch 2016
I Count the LightsEdward WillettStrangers Among Us (anthology from Laksa Media)August 2016
ImmuneJennifer CombdenEngen Books: Sci-Fi from the RockApril 2016
In MemoriamMelinda SelmysNeo-Opsis Magazine #262016
In the Name of Free WillA. C. WiseEDGE - Superhero Universe (Tesseracts Nineteen)1/2016
Innocence Prolonged, and OvercomeMatt MooreLazarus Risen (Bundoran Press)September 2016
InquisitorBrent NicholsLazarus Risen (Bundoran Press)September 2016
Into the BlueCarolyn Charron Flame Tree Publishing Sept 2016
Into the RingLisa TimpfNew Myths, Issue 34, March, 2016March 1, 2016
InvasionMatthew LeDrewEngen Books: Sci-Fi from the RockApril 2016
Jessica and the True NorthKevin CockleEDGE - Superhero Universe (Tesseracts Nineteen)1/2016
Jonas and the FoxRich LarsonClarkesworldMay 2016
Jules and RichardDavid NickleChildren of Lovecraft (Dark Horse)September 2016
Komagata MaruRati MehrotraClockwork Canada (Exile Editions)
La ClochemarCharlotte AshleyClockwork Canada, Exile EditionsApril 2016
Last LightJ.R. JohnsonPage & SpineAugust 5, 2016
Legal GroundGregg ChamberlainSci Phi JournalJune 13 2016
Let Slip the Sluicegates of War, Hydro-GirlTerri FavroClockwork Canada (Exile Editions)
Little EaseGemma FilesDark Horse Books (Children of Lovecraft)
Living in OzBev GeddesStrangers Among Us anthology (Laksa Media)August 2016
Lord Fenway's ManMike RimarOn SpecApril 2016
Lost and FoundLuke MurphySuperhero Universe (Tesseracts Nineteen), EDGE1/2016
Lost FleshSuzanne ChurchLazarus Risen (Bundoran Press)Sept 2016
Major MaxdvsduncanPolar Borealis Magazine #2Jul/Aug 2016
Marion's WarHayden TrenholmLaksa MediaAugust 1, 2016
MasqueradeJ M LandelsPulp Literature PressAutumn 2016
Mermaid's CurseColleen AndersonSpeckLitApril 2016
Mes CentaineJonathan Cresswell-JonesPolar Borealis Magazine #3Nov/Dec 2016
Midnight Man versus Doctor DeathChadwick GintherEDGE - Superhero Universe (Tesseracts Nineteen)1/2016
Minghua's CurseAdrian HalpertNeo-Opsis Magazine #27December 2016
Molly FinderMelanie MarttilaSudbury Ink: A Sudbury Writers' Guild AnthologyNovember 2016
More Heat Than LightCharlotte AshleyThe Magazine of Fantasy & Science FictionMay 2016
Moth to an Old FlamePat FlewwellingWorld Weaver Press (Sirens Anthology)
Naive GodsBrad C. AndersonLazarus Risen (Bundoran Press)September 2016
NautilusV.F. LeSannWorld Weaver Press (Sirens Anthology)
Not Fit to PrintDavid Jón FullerOn Spec2016
Not my Desert, Not my TortoiseAndrew BartonLazarus Risen (Bundoran Press)September 2016
Nuclear Nikki versus the Magic EvilJennifer RahnEDGE - Superhero Universe (Tesseracts Nineteen)1/2016
Once Dad, Always Herepaula da costaOnspec Magazine #1032016
Orphans of the StormScott OvertonSudbury Ink: A Sudbury Writers' Guild AnthologyNovember 2016
Our Chymical SeanceTony PiBeneath Ceaseless SkiesMay 2016
Paperwork for MazesFlora Zo ZenthoeferPolar Borealis Magazine #1Jan/Feb 2016
Patience LakeMatthew ClaxtonAsimov's Science FictionAugust 2016
Paul Bunyan's ToilsColleen AndersonSpeckLitMay 2016
PolyglossiaTamara VardomskayaGigaNotoSaurusMarch 1, 2016
Prometheus on the Operating TableTeri BabcockLazarus Risen (Bundoran Press)September 2016
PsipunkSteve StantonOn Spec #102April 2016
Pssst! Have You Heard... The Rumor?D. K. LattaEDGE - Superhero Universe (Tesseracts Nineteen)1/2016
Red Rover (Novella)David PerlmutterScarlet Leaf ReviewJanuary-March 2016
Reflections on a Life StoryM. Darusha WehmNature MagazineDecember 2016
RoommateMichael John BertrandPolar Borealis Magazine #2Jul/Aug 2016
SanguinaryKevin WeirRed Sun Magazine #2October 2016
Say Goodbye to the Old BeastsDarren RidgleyPolar Borealis Magazine #3Nov/Dec 2016
ScentMaria HaskinsFlash Fiction OnlineSeptember 2016
SealFiona MooreLazarus Risen (Bundoran Press)September 2016
Seasons EndColleen AndersonThe Beauty of Death, Independent Legions PublishingMay 2016
Seasons of Glass and IronAmal el-MohtarThe Starlit Wood (Saga Press) (Reprinted in Uncanny Magazine)Oct 2016
Seven Cups of CoffeeA.C. WiseClarkesworld MagazineMarch 2016
Sharper Than a Griffin's ClawRhonda ParrishWomen in Practical ArmorMarch 2016
Shoe ManTonya LiburdExpanded HorizonsJuly 2016
Showing the ColorsM. Darusha WehmProcyon Science Ficiton AnthologyJuly 2016
Single SourceT.G. ShepherdPolar Borealis Magazine #1Jan/Feb 2016
SistersDavid Jón FullerFlame Tree PublishingSeptember 29
Slayer's RevengeChris M. JessopEnigma Front: Burnt (Analemma Books)August 2016
SongbunDerwin MakStrangers Among Us anthology (Laksa Media)August 2016
Space JunkTimothy ReynoldsIFWAAugust 12, 2016
Sparks FlyRich LarsonLightspeedMarch 2016
Spirit in the ClayBevan ThomasEDGE - Superhero Universe (Tesseracts Nineteen)1/2016
StalkGeorge McWhirterPulp Literature PressWinter 2016
Stan the RhymerCraig RussellPolar Borealis Magazine #1 Jan/Feb 2016
Straight LinesNaru Dames SundarMothership ZetaJuly 2016
Strange Things DoneMichal WojcikClockwork Canada (Exile Editions)
SubmergedHelen MarshallThose Who Make Us (Exile Editions)
Sui GenerisY.X. AcsLackington's Magazine
Sunny DaysJennifer CombdenEngen Books: Sci-Fi from the RockApril 2016
Survival InstinctsCarolyn CharronFlame Tree Publishing September 2016
SÜPERCorey RedekopEDGE - Superhero Universe (Tesseracts Nineteen)1/2016
T is for Three (at the End of All Things)C.S. MacCathC is for Chimera / Poise and Pen PublishingApril 19, 2016
TAKE TAKE TAKEBraydon BeaulieuThose Who Make Us
TanglesDaria PatrieTomorrow's Cthulhu (Broken Eye Books)January 31, 2016
Teenage Cosmonaut Suicide Love Song and Time Dilation ClubWilliam SquirrellDaily Science Fiction
The Airlock SceneKarl JohansonPolar Borealis # 1. R. Graeme Cameron (Editor)January, 2016
The All Day SlingersMicael DonoghuePolar Borealis Magazine #3Nov/Dec 2016
The Automatic Prime MinistersKate HeartfieldLackington's issue 10Spring 2016
The Beast and the BeautyDavid PerlmutterTroll (Horrified Press)Fall 2016
The Bicameral TwistDavid NickleCongress Magazine #1Spring 2016
The CaretakersDavid NickleTor.comJanuary 2016
The ChairMatthew LeDrewEngen Books: Sci-Fi from the Rock
The Course of True Love (novella)Kate HeartfieldAbaddon BooksJan. 2016
The Cryptographer's BodyEvelyn DeshaneThe Future Fire2016
The CullingKelley ArmstrongStrangers Among Us anthology (Laksa Media)August 2016
The CupCatherine GirczycPolar Borealis Magazine #2Jul/Aug 2016
The CureCeleste A. PetersEnigma Front: Burnt (Analemma Books)August 2016
The Curlicue SeahorseChantal BoudreauClockwork Canada, Exile Editions
The Dancer on the StairsSarah TolmieStrange HorizonsNovember 2016
The Demon of P-CityElizabeth GrotkowskiEnigma Front: Burnt (Analemma Books)August 2016
The Dim Beneath the LightsR. OverwaterAnalemma BooksAugust 2016
The Dog and The SleepwalkerJames Alan GardnerStrangers Among Us anthology (Laksa Media)August 2016
The Eye of the SwanKelly RobsonTor.com2016
The Face on the Wall, and the ChainsawErin SneathMad Scientist JournalOctober 2016
The Fire InsideRenee BennettAnalemma BooksAugust 2016
The GamogueRhea RosePulp Literature, Issue 12Autumn 2016
The Glass PlagueCosti GurguDark Horizons (Elder Signs Press)October 2016
The Good PeopleJodi McIsaacInkwood August 22, 2016
The Guard TowerHal J. FriesenOnspec Magazine #1032016
The Hairy Man Alexandra Camille RenwickThose Who Make Us
The HarpoonistBrent NicholsClockwork Canada, Exile Editions
The HoldJames A. ConanNeo-Opsis Magazine # 27December 2016
The InstituteEvelyn DeshaneBad Apple Fiction2016
The IntersectionLorina StephensStrangers Among Us anthology (Laksa Media)August 2016
The Island WayMary Pletsch & Dylan BlacquiereEDGE - Superhero Universe (Tesseracts Nineteen)1/2016
The Jam: A Secret BowmanBernard E. MireaultEDGE - Superhero Universe (Tesseracts Nineteen)1/2016
The Jungle BetweenHolly SchofieldCast of WondersDecember 2016
The Kept WomanRissa JohnsonPolar Borealis Magazine #1Jan/Feb 2016
The Lament for iCarusP E BolivarPulp Literature PressSpring 2016
The Last of a ThingDouglas SmithPulp Literature, Issue 12October 2016
The Laura Ingalls ExperienceAndrew Neil Gray Apex magazineApril 2016
The Little Car Dreams of GasolineFiona MooreOn Spec 103Autumn 2016
The LocketSamuel BauerEngen Books: Sci-Fi from the RockApril 2016
The Long DreamDavid NickleThe Madness of Dr. Caligari (Fedogan and Bremer Books)October 2016
The Men from Narrow HousesA.C. WiseLiminal StoriesMay 2016
The Mermaid and the Prince of DirtAngeline WoonThose Who Make Us, Exile Editions
The Monster HunterGregg ChamberlainPulp Literature Magazine 10Spring 2016
The Mutants Men Don't SeeJames Alan GardnerAsimov's Science FictionAugust 2016
The Nature of DemonsStan G. HydePolar Borealis Magazine #2Jul/Aug 2016
The Night Atlantis BurnedDavid PerlmutterPolar Borealis Magazine #2Jul/Aug 2016
The Night StylistPeter NormanPulp Literature PressAutumn 2016
The Outside MonsterCorey RedekopThose Who Make Us (Exile Editions)
The Parable of the CylinderDavid NickleCanadian Notes & QueriesSpring 2016
The Penelope QingdomAidan MoherMothership ZetaDecember 2016
The Red BulbErin SneathEnigma Front: Burnt (Analemma Books)August 2016
The Returned ManCarla RichardsOn Spec #102April 19, 2016
The Rise and Fall of Captain StupendousP. E. BolivarEDGE - Superhero Universe (Tesseracts Nineteen)1/2016
The RugaruDelani ValinThose Who Make Us, Exile Editions
The Scourge of HumanityHayden TrenholmNeo-opsis #262016
The Scrape of Tooth on BoneAda HoffmannGigaNotoSaurus February 2016
The SearchersSteve FahnestalkPolar Borealis Magazine #2Jul/Aug 2016
The Seven O'Clock ManKate HeartfieldClockwork Canada (Exile, ed. Dominik Parisien)Spring 2016
The Seven Swans: A Mystery in TimeMel AnastasiouPulp Literature PressWinter 2016
The Seven Swans: The Sword and Pikestaff MysteryMel AnastasiouPulp Literature PressSummer 2016
The ShipwrightStephen KotowychAbyss & ApexJanuary 2016
The ShuckAndrew SullivanThose Who Make Us (Exile Editions)
The Silence between MoonsPeter FooteEngen Books: Sci-fi from the RockSpring 2016
The Skysinger's DaughterJanet NicolsonOn Spec #1032016
The Straight DopeDavid PerlmutterOne Hundred Voices (Centum Press)Fall 2016
The Sweetest SkillTony PiBeneath Ceaseless SkiesApril 14, 2016
The Three Dancers of GizariTamara VardomskayaBeneath Ceaseless SkiesFebruary 4, 2016
The Three Lives of Truck The RedNaru Dames SundarThe SockdolagerFall 2016
The Tunnels of MadnessHarold R. ThompsonClockwork Canada
The Unflappable MartaValerie L. KingAnalemma BooksAugust 2016
The VindicatorMatthew HughesThe Magazine of Fantasy & Science FictionNovember 2016
The Wedding of Snow, Earth and SaltKate HeartfieldPodcastleJan. 1, 2016
The Weeds and The WildnessTyler KeevilStrangers Among Us anthology (Laksa Media)August 2016
ThermodemonicsRobert DawsonPolar Borealis Magazine #3Nov/Dec 2016
This Could Be YoursAndrea BradleyThose Who Make Us
This is for Mrs. ZaberewskyCasey June WolfPolar Borealis Magazine #1Jan/Feb 2016
Thou Hast by Moonlight at Her Window SungKristin JanzSQ MagMarch 2016
Tomoiya's Story: Escape to DarknessC.A. KingKings Toe PublishingSeptember 24 2016
TribesA.M. DellamonicaStrangers Among Us anthology (Laksa Media)August 2016
TroublesSherry PetersStrangers Among Us anthology (Laksa Media)August 2016
Tune-IsmDavid PerlmutterOdd-Isms (FTB Press)Winter 2016
Tunguska, 1987Maria HaskinsTales From Alternate Earths (Inklings Press)August 19, 2016
Twenty-OneAli HouseEngen Books: Sci-Fi from the RockApril 2016
Tyner's creekNathan AdlerThose Who Make Us
VetalaRati MehrotraThose Who Make Us: Canadian Creature, Myth, and Monster Stories
Villain-In-ResidenceDavid PerlmutterMad Scientist JournalFall 2016
War ProfiteeringM. Darusha WehmMothership ZetaJuly 2016
Washing Lady's HairUrsula PflugStrangers Among Us anthology (Laksa Media)August 2016
Wax namesEvelyn DeshaneLackington's MagazineApril 2016
We Never Went to MarsKarl JohansonPolar Borealis # 3 (R. Graeme Cameron Editor)November 2016
What HarmAmanda SunStrangers Among Us anthology (Laksa Media)August 2016
What It Means To Be a SirenS. L. SaboviecEvil Girlfriend MediaDecember 2016
What You See (When The Lights Are Out)Gemma FilesStrangers Among Us anthology (Laksa Media)August 2016
When Alya Met RigelS. L. SaboviecAE: The Canadian Sci-Fi ReviewApril 2016
When Phakack Came to Steal Papa, A Ti-Jean StoryAce Jordyn (aka Ann Cooney)On Spec Magazine#103, vol 27, no 4, 2016
When the Stitches Come UndoneA.C. WiseChildren of Lovecraft (Dark Horse Books)September 2016
When the Tide BurnsJayne BarnardAnalemma BooksAugust 2016
When Your Time Is UpS. L. SaboviecSeven Twenty-One PublishingJuly 2016
Where Roots and Rivers Run as VeinsDominik ParisienThose Who Make Us (Exile Editions)November 2016
Where the Seas Roll Up Their ThunderKate StoryThose Who Make Us: Canadian Creature, Myth, and Monster Stories
Woven by the ThiefMelanie CollinsEngen Books: Sci-Fi from the RockApril 2016
Wrath of GaiaMahtab NarsimhanStrangers Among Us anthology (Laksa Media)August 2016
YahwehSteve FahnestalkPolar Borealis Magazine #1Jan/Feb 2016
You Make PattayaRich LarsonInterzoneNovember 2016
You Will Draw This Life Out To Its EndJerome StueartThe Angels of Our Better Beasts (ChiZine Publications)October 2016
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