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The following works have been submitted as possibly eligible for a 2017 Prix Aurora Award. To be eligible, the work must have been first published in the 2016 calendar year, whether it came out as a physical book, e-book or as an audio edition.

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Items in italics have not yet been reviewed for eligibility.
Items struck through have been deleted, usually duplicates.
Items marked with an asterisk * are works that are the authors favourite work

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Dandelion Wine Concert, OVFFDandelion Wine (Dave Clement and Tom Jeffers)Dandelion WineNov 5, 2016
Jane Garthson Confluence ConcertJane GarthsonJane GarthsonJuly 30, 2016
Kari Maaren Concert, ConfluenceKari MaarenKari MaarenJuly 31, 2016
Kari Maaren Concert, SFContarioKari MaarenKari MaarenNov 19, 2016
Ken Lalonde & the 360's Concert, FilKONtarioKen LalondeKen LalondeApril 8, 2016
Kraken Not Stirred Concert, Anime NorthMike BryantMike BryantMay 28, 2017
Morva Bowman & Alan Pollard Concert, WindyConMorva Bowman and Alan PollardMorva Bowman and Alan PollardNov 13, 2016
Peggi Warner-Lalonde Concert, FilKONtarioPeggi Warner-LalondePeggi Warner-LalondeApril 9, 2016
Peggi Warner-Lalonde Concert, SFContarioPeggi Warner-LalondePeggi Warner-LalondeNov 19, 2016
Phil Mills Concert, ConfluencePhil MillsPhil MillsJuly 30, 2016
Queens of Avalon DVDHeather DaleHeather DaleeApril 2016
Speculating Canada on Trent Radio 92.7 FMDerek Newman-StilleTrent Radio2016
Stone Dragons GoH Concert, UKStone Dragons (Sue and Tom Jeffers)Stone DragonsFeb 6, 2016
The Redhead League CDLeslie HudsonMoved to pro Related WorkApril 2016
Villains and Conflicts (WWC and CCEE presentation + File 770 blog) Ron FriedmanFile 770CCEE presentation (May 16); WWC presentation (Aug 16); File 770 (Dec 16)
Walking to ValsparBrooke AbbeyBandcampJan 16, 2016
Yeoman on the Bridge CDLeslie HudsonMoved to pro Related WorkNov 22, 2016
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