Current Board

The Board of Directors (Executive)

Clint Budd (British Columbia) CSFFA President

Clint BuddConsort of a writer, Clint Budd lives in a secluded village on the shores of BC.  He is the current ruler of a small band of lost souls who slave away under his tutelage to promote Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy to the masses.  In a bloodless coup he overthrew the last ruler of CSFFA and has since, with a keen eye, navigated the rocky roads of Canadian Fandom.  Unless you have a death wish don’t get him started on the pronunciation   of our society, it’s “Kiss-Fah”, got it?


Clint Budd is the current president of the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (CSFFA).  He has been working on the board for over 10 years.  On top of managing the board, running our monthly meetings and recruiting new people to the board, he chairs the jury for the CSFFA’s Hall of Fame.  Clint is one of our BC board members and has been involved with West Coast fandom for many years.  He was instrumental in creating the charter for the West Coast Science Fiction Association (WCSFA), which manages VCON.  He was also involved in creating CSFFA’s charter and getting us our federal non-profit status.

Clifford Samuels (Alberta) Vice-President; Aurora Awards Administrator; CSFFA Past president

Cliff with Aurora

Organizer, reader and avid collector; those are the best words to describe Cliff Samuels. He has been collecting Science Fiction and Fantasy books for over 35 years. It can be said that even if he stopped buying new books he would never be able to read everything he has, but that will never happen. His IT background has allowed him to work on every aspect of conventions for the past 30 years.

Cliff has been on the CSFFA board of directors for many years and is currently the society’s Vice-President and the Aurora awards’ administrator and, for this year, Chair of the Jury for the Best of the Decade Aurora. Outside of CSFFA he is the Guest Liaison for the When Words Collide readers and writers festival in Calgary.

Murray Moore (Ontario) Secretary

Murray Moore

I have done This and That as a fan.

Some of This is being the Canadian Unity Fan Fund (CUFF) delegate to VCon in 2001. I also have attended Aurora Awards in Calgary, Winnipeg, and Toronto. In Toronto I am a founding member of the SFContario committee, in charge of dealers. I was a member of the board of directors

of Torcon 3 Worldcon (2003); also a Torcon 3 Division Head (Hotel and Facilities). During the 2001 World Fantasy Convention (Montreal) I was in charge of at-con Registration.

Some of That is having been the Fanzine Activity Achievement Awards (FAAn) administrator for three years, the awards announced during the annual Corflu, in my case Toronto (2006), Austin (2007), Las Vegas (2008), and again next year in Los Angeles (2017).

Danielle Stephens (British Columbia) Treasurer

danielleI manage the comic at and I work with fan geekery conventions like @VCON in Vancouver. I’m also the author of The Hyper Halfling’s Book

The Board of Directors (Directors)

Jean-Louis Trudel (Québec) Boréal Liaison


Born in Toronto, Jean-Louis Trudel holds degrees in physics, astronomy, and the history and philosophy of science. Since 1994, he has authored (alone or in collaboration with Yves Meynard as Laurent McAllister) a trio of novels
published in France, four fiction collections, and twenty-six young adult books published in Canada. His short stories in French have appeared in magazines like imagine… and Solaris, and in various other venues. In English, his short fiction has been published in several Canadian and U.S. anthologies, but Candidates for the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association – Annual General Meeting June 7, 2014 also in magazines like ON SPEC and Prairie Fire. When time allows, he also does translations and science fiction criticism.

Lloyd Penney (Toronto, Ontario) CSFFA HistorianLloyd is a native and resident of Toronto, and found the fun and insanity of fandom in late 1977 through a Star Trek club in Victoria, British lloyd-in-lincolnColumbia. Even earlier than that, he discovered, through his mother, the science fiction anthology, finding the collections of Carr, Gold and Wollheim, plus the novels of Asimov, Bradbury, Clarke and so many more.

He moved to Toronto for higher education, and found fandom there, too. He joined TAPA, the local amateur press association, and the Ad Astra SF convention committee, and for the next 30 years held positions, like dealer room chief, planning head and eventually chairman. He has also been on committees for other conventions in Toronto (chaired a Smofcon), Ottawa, Buffalo, Rochester and other places, and has been connected with various Worldcon bids, including British bids, and even the Yugoslavian bid in 1993, but especially the Toronto in 2003 Worldcon bid. He has now retired from concom positions, and now finds it amazingly easy to say no.

He’s been involved with clubs, cons, and special projects and displays, was a member of the Star Trek Welcommittee for 15 years, and was involved in costuming and masquerade fandom also for about 15 years, but his major interest now is in fanzines, and the letter columns within, where he has been for more than 30 years. He’s written a number of articles and book and fanzine review columns over the years, but the locol is where he’s been the longest.

Lloyd has won two Aurora Awards and five FAAn Awards over the years, and was nominated for a Hugo Award in the category of Best Fan Writer in 2010.

            His current interest outside of fanzines is steampunk, which has revived his interest in costuming. It’s also allowed him to get creative, and make assorted kinds of steampunk jewellery. Also now is an interest in the Canadian-made detective show Murdoch Mysteries. He won a walk-on role on the season finale for this year’s season, and gave it to Yvonne.

R. Graeme Cameron (British Columbia) Chair, Archive Committee

Graeme CameronAuroran Lights Newsletter Editor R. Graeme Cameron attended his first SF convention in 1968, joined the British Columbia Science Fiction Association in 1970, provided the 8mm film program at VCON 1 in 1971, has served in various capacities for subsequent VCONs, and recently chaired VCON 41. Winner of two fan Aurora Awards, he is currently Archivist for CSFFA, VCON, the B.C. SF Association, and the West Coast SF Association. In addition to numerous fanzines, he is the editor and publisher of Polar Borealis Magazine, a paying-market semi-professional SF&F fiction zine aimed at beginning writers. He also occasionally publishes OBIR Magazine (OBIR = “Occasional Biased and Ignorant Review”), a personal fanzine devoted to reviewing Canadian SpecFic literature. The Graeme loves SF in all its forms, fandom in all its incarnations, and above all, loves writing about SF & SF fandom.

Ron Friedman (Alberta) Voter’s package /Media Publicity

Ron Friedman_Clock

Ron has been on the CSFFA board of directors for a number of years.  His original motivation was to create the Aurora award voters package which he now manages.  He also assists with our social media group.  Ron is a budding writer with nine, yes nine, honourable mentions for his short fiction from Writers of the Future.  Other stories have been published in Daily Science Fiction. He is a Best Short Fiction finalist in the 2016 Aurora Awards–Canada premier Science-Fiction and Fantasy awards. 

Ron has been to many conventions in the Alberta and BC and enjoys participating on panels and discussion groups.  He is on the committee of Calgary’s When Words Collide festival and is an active member of SFCanada.