About Us

the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (CSFFA) and the Aurora Awards

ABOUT US: the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (CSFFA)’s mandate is to present,  publicize and honour the three Awards for the genres of Science Fiction and Fantasy in all their variations and in all the ways they are celebrated.

The Aurora Awards are Canada’s national Science Fiction and Fantasy Awards

CSFFA, a federally registered society since 2011 has been presenting Auroras since 1970.


The Aurora Awards are Canada’s National Science Fiction and Fantasy Awards.

The Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (CSFFA) is a federally-registered society whose role is to give out the Aurora Awards – yearly. The Auroras are a popularity Award, nominated by and voted on by CSFFA members from across Canada. The nominees and the winners of the Awards must all be Canadian, as are all the members of CSFFA


CSFFA – in conjunction with SFSF Boréal Inc – yearly sponsors the French-language Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Awards – the Prix Aurora-Boréal (Awards).


CSFFA yearly elects two of the most prominent names in our genre to the CSFFA Hall of Fame. Nominations come from CSFFA’s membership but, unlike the Auroras, the Hall of Fame is a juried award.

The purpose of these awards is to honour the best of Canadian science fiction and fantasy literary works, artwork, and fan activities from the previous year (in the case of the Auroras and the Prix Auroras) and to honour career achievements (in the case of the Hall of Fame ).

We are a federally-registered non-profit organization with a membership and a Board of Directors drawn from across Canada.


Each year a different Canadian SF & F convention or group has hosted the awards under the title of Canvention.

Canvention is organized by the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (CSFFA) in conjunction with the host Convention. Canvention alternates between eastern and western Canadian SF & F conventions where the Aurora awards ceremony and the society’s annual general meeting are held. Membership fees and  grants finance the awards and CSFFA’s expenses..

Awards for Canadian SF and Fantasy were first given out at Halcon 2 in 1980 and were first called the Aurora Awards in1990 at Con-Version 7 in Calgary. Voting for the awards is open to all Canadian citizens and permanent residents. When the Canadian SF and Fantasy Association was started in 1980 only one award was given out. Since 1991 awards have been presented in 10 categories. There are six professional awards and four fan awards. There is also the associated Prix Aurora Boréal (Awards) which have the same six professional categories in French.

The current Aurora award trophy was designed by Frank Johnson of Edmonton. It was first used in 1991 and was accepted in 1992 as the official Aurora design. The base is of Canadian maple and the metal pieces are made of Canadian aluminum. The design is evocative of the Aurora Borealis. The Canadian maple leaf can be seen through the intersection of the metal pieces and when viewed from above the design reads “SF”. In 1997, a different design for the awards, consisting of a black oval base with three undulating Lucite sheets, also representing the Aurora Borealis, was used. This design was created by Toronto artist Edward Charpentier.

The Lifetime Achievement Aurora was a special category which had been  been awarded only eight times in the thirty-two years since the Awards were established. It was chosen, not by the usual voting method, but by a special vote of the membership at that year’s AGM. The Lifetime Achievement Auroras ended when the new Hall of Fame was introduced in 2014 to recognize career achievement in the S & SF community. All the Lifetime Achievement Aurora winners have been added to the Hall of Fame

The Aurora awards are closest to the style of the Hugo awards (which are presented by the SF Worldcon) in the method by which they are selected. Both Awards use Proportional Voting (Single Transferable Vote).