2015 Special General Meeting Results

The results of the three votes at the Special General Meeting held Saturday.

Hal-Con was voted as the host convention for Canvention 2017.

The new Aurora Award for Best Dramatic Presentation was approved. This new Aurora award would recognize excellence in visual presentations, including but not limited to TV series, TV specials, motion pictures and stage presentations. The Award shall be made on the quality of the overall presentation and so will take into account the acting, direction, cinematography and production as well as the writing. It will be first presented in 2016 and a new category will be added to the eligibility list shortly.

The new Aurora Award for The Best in a Decade was approved. This Aurora Award will be given out once per decade to honour novels and multi-volume works (Adult or YA) that have stood the test of time.  The award would span a full decade. We also propose that the award for 2001 through 2010 to be first presented in 2017. The date that this award will be given out in future years will be chosen by the CSFFA board but will happen in the latter part of each decade.