March 2016 CSFFA / Aurora Awards update

Special AGM News:  We are happy to announce that CSFFA has received an exception from Corporations Canada that allows us to hold our AGM at any time of the year not just within the first six months.  This means that AGMs in the future will always be held at Canvention.  So, this year’s AGM will be held on Sunday, August 14th at When Words Collide.

Aurora Awards deadline:  This year’s awards happen earlier than in the past few years so we wanted everyone to know that all nominations for this year’s awards must be in by Midnight, EDT on March 19th.  That’s a Saturday night.  Remember, this is EDT so if you live in BC it would mean you have until 9pm that night but if you live in Halifax it would be 1am the next morning.  Confused, I hope not.  We do it at that time so the awards department can be up until the last person nominates.

Remember, we now have 12 categories.  This year we have added the Best Dramatic Presentation award.  This is for plays, movies and TV shows that were done by a Canadian (for TV we’re talking the showrunner).  When nominating a TV show, this award refers to all episodes not just for a specific one.

If you are unsure about what to nominate check out our eligibility list.  More on this below.

Aurora Award dates:  This is a quick guide to the dates related to everything Aurora for 2016.

  • Eligibility Lists: Opens January 1st and closes on March 19th
  • Nomination Dates: Opens January 1st and closes on March 19th at Midnight EDT
  • Ballot Announcement: April 1st (and that’s no joke)
  • Voter’s Package: Available April 15th, earlier if possible, and closes July 23rd.
  • Voting Dates: Opens June 15th and closes on July 23rd at Midnight EDT.
  • Awards ceremony: August 13th in Calgary at When Words Collide

CSFFA Hall of Fame:  All CSFFA members are encouraged to submit names and bios of Canadians who they feel have made a significant contribution to the SF/Fantasy/Horror genre.  Each year a special jury looks over what has been submitted and selects two inductees.  Check out our webpage for more details,

Congrès Boréal:  The French language Aurora Boréal awards will be handed out at the Boréal Convention (Congrès Boréal) in Mont-Laurier, Quebec on the weekend of May 20-22, 2016.

Eligibility List:  CSFFA now manages lists of works that are eligible for this year’s awards.  If you do not see something and you feel that it has been missed, we encourage you to log into your account and submit it.  All we ask is that you make sure that you are getting it on the right list, we do have two novel categories (Novel and YA Novel).  Make sure that the work you are adding has been done by a Canadian and that is was originally or first done in 2015.  For our lists go to:

Canvention 36 in Calgary:  When Words Collide will be hosting Canvention and the Aurora Awards this year on the weekend of August 12-14th.  The awards banquet will take place on Saturday evening.  Tickets for both WWC and the banquet are available online at,  Last year’s convention sold out two months before the festival so if you are planning to attend don’t wait until the last moment to get your ticket.  All Aurora events such as the pin and awards ceremony, and the AGM are open to the public and do not require a convention membership.  Space may be limited.