Voter’s Package is available

We are pleased to announce that the 2015 Aurora Awards are now open.  For those that have a 2015 CSFFA membership we would also like to mention that the voter’s package is available to download so you can start reading.

Voting is open until October 17th 2015 at midnight EDT.  There are a lot of great works to read this year and we are very pleased with the fantastic response we have had from the nominees and their publishers helping us get almost all of the eligible works for the voter’s package.

If you have not seen this year’s ballot go here

If you are wondering what is in this year’s package go here.

To download the voter’s package log into your account and go here or go to the link on the Aurora Awards dropdown menu item on the main page.  You must be a paid member to access it.

When you are ready to vote just log into your account, pay if you have not already done so, and then go the vote form from the join/nominate/vote menu item or just click here,

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Clifford Samuels
2015 Aurora Awards administrator
Note: By accepting this package you agree not to share the works therein with anyone other than the CSFFA members in your household. Your agreement will make a difference in convincing authors and publishers to contribute to this package in the future.

2015 Aurora Award Nominees

We are pleased to announce the nominees for the 2015 Aurora Awards for best works and activities done by Canadians in 2014. The first seven categories are for professional works. Voting for this year’s awards will begin on June 1st. CSFFA (Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association) members have until Midnight, EDT on October 17th to cast their ballots. Membership is open to all Canadians and Landed Immigrants.

The awards will be given out at Canvention 35, hosted by SFContario 6 in Toronto, Ontario on the weekend of November 20 – 22nd. Full details about CSFFA, the awards and voting can be found at

Best Novel – English

Echopraxia by Peter Watts, Tor Books
The Future Falls by Tanya Huff, DAW Books
My Real Children by Jo Walton, Tor Books
The Peripheral by William Gibson, Penguin Canada
A Play of Shadow by Julie E. Czerneda, DAW Books

Best Young Adult Novel – English
Lockstep by Karl Schroeder, Tor Books
Mabel the Lovelorn Dwarf by Sherry Peters, Dwarvenamazon
Out of This World by Charles de Lint, Razorbill Canada
Rain by Amanda Sun, Harlequin TEEN
Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong, Doubleday Canada
Twist of the Blade by Edward Willett, Coteau Books
The Voices in Between by Charlene Challenger, Tightrope Books

Best Short Fiction – English
Crimson Sky” by Eric Choi, Analog, July/August
Jelly and the D-Machine” by Suzanne Church, Elements: A Collection of Speculative Fiction, EDGE
Mecha-Jesus” by Derwin Mak, Wrestling With Gods: Tesseracts Eighteen, EDGE
No Sweeter Art” by Tony Pi, Beneath Ceaseless Skies #155, September 4, 2014
Soul-Hungry” by Suzanne Church, Elements: A Collection of Speculative Fiction, EDGE

Best Poem/Song – English
A Hex, With Bees” by Tony Pi, Wrestling With Gods: Tesseracts Eighteen, EDGE
Aversions” by Helen Marshall, Goblin Fruit, October
The Machine” by David Clink, Wrestling With Gods: Tesseracts Eighteen, EDGE
The New Ways” by Amal El-Mohtar, Uncanny Magazine, November
The Perfect Library” by David Clink, If the World were to Stop Spinning (Chapbook)

Best Graphic Novel – English
Cassie & Tonk by Justin Currie and GMB Chomichuk, Chasing Artwork
It Never Rains by Kari Maaren, Webcomic
Raygun Gothic Vol. 2 by GMB Chomichuk, Alchemical Press
Treadwell by Dominic Bercier, Mirror Comics
Trillium by Jeff Lemire, DC Comics-Vertigo

Best Related Work – English
Elements: A Collection of Speculative Fiction by Suzanne Church, EDGE
Gifts for the One Who Comes After by Helen Marshall, CZP
Lackington’s Magazine edited by Ranylt Richildis
On Spec
published by the Copper Pig Writers’ Society
Strange Bedfellows
edited by Hayden Trenholm, Bundoran Press

Best Artist
James Beveridge, cover for Tantamount and Out Dweller
Erik Mohr
, cover for The Door in the Mountain and ChiZine Publications
Derek Newman-Stille, cover for Elephants and Omnibuses
Dan O’Driscoll
, covers for Bundoran Press and On Spec magazine
Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk & Steve Fahnestalk, “Walking on the Moon”, cover for On Spec, No. 95 (Vol. 25 No. 4),

Best Fan Publication
Broken Toys edited by Taral Wayne
Ecdysis edited by Jonathan Crowe
Pubnites & Other Events edited by Yvonne Penney
Space Cadet edited by R. Graeme Cameron
Speculating Canada edited by Derek Newman-Stille

Best Fan Music
Brooke Abbey, Weirdness from 2014, Bandcamp
Copy Red Leader, Crossing the Streams CD, The Pond Studio
Debs & Errol (Deborah Linden and Errol Elumir), OVFF Concert (Ohio Valley Filk Fest)
Kari Maaren, YouTube Channel
Stone Dragons, Dream of Flying CD, Stone Dragon Studios

Best Fan Organizational
Sandra Kasturi, Chair, Chiaroscuro Reading Series: Toronto
Derek Künsken, Farrell McGovern, Caycee Price and Elizabeth BuchanKimmerly, Executive, Can*Con 2014, Ottawa

Randy McCharles, Chair, When Words Collide, Calgary
Matt Moore, Marie Bilodeau and Nicole Lavigne, Co-chairs, Chiaroscuro Reading Series: Ottawa
Alana Otis-Wood and Paul Roberts, Co-chairs, Ad Astra Convention, Toronto

Best Fan Related Work
R. Graeme Cameron, weekly column in Amazing Stories Magazine
Steve Fahnestalk, weekly column in Amazing Stories Magazine
Kevin B. Madison, Thunder Road Trip
Derek Newman-Stille, Speculating, Canada on Trent Radio 92.7 FM
Lloyd Penney, fan writing for fanzines and e-zines

Online voting for the CSFFA AGM is now open.

Please note, this is NOT for the awards but for the society which is very important since these are the people who do all the behind the scenes work.

Like last year you don’t have to attend the AGM in person to participate.  Voting will be available online for paid CSFFA members.  There are a number of important items we need your support.  Unlike last year there will be no changes to the bylaws or the how we manage the awards.

Online voting closes on May 19st at 3am EDT (or Midnight, May 18th PDT).  This is a Monday night (or very early Tuesday morning for some) so we have time to tabulate the numbers.  There will be in-person voting at the AGM in Vancouver on May 23rd.

This is an outline of what you will be voting on.  Not a lot of items but your support is definitely needed.

  • Approval of Minutes from the 2014 AGM.
  • Selection of Canvention site for 2016 – Calgary’s When Words Collide.
  • Election of Directors
  • Ratification of Board Actions in 2014-15
  • Questions from Members and Attendees

For those in the Vancouver area, we will be holding CSFFA’s AGM on May 23rd, 2015 at The Roundhouse Community Centre (181 Roundhouse Mews) in Vancouver from 2 – 5 PM (PDT).  It is a few blocks from the Yaletown and Roundhouse SkyTrain station.  We are looking to make this a fun event with more than just the AGM.

Those who attend and are paid CSFFA members may vote then instead of online.  You will be first to see our new Hall of Fame trophy.  The trophy designer, sculptor/artist Gideon Hay, will be on hand for you to meet.  You will also be the first to know who will be on the 2015 Aurora award ballot.  These are just a few of the special things that will happen.  Full details about the AGM and what you will be voting on can be found online at our website.

We need your support so vote online or join us on the 23rd in person.

The AGM agenda can be found here.

2014 Prix Aurora Award Winners

CSFFA congratulates the winners of the
2014 Prix Aurora Awards:

Best English Novel: A Turn of Light by Julie E. Czerneda, DAW Books
Best English YA Novel: The Rising by Kelley Armstrong, Doubleday Canada
Best English Short Fiction: “Ghost in the Machine” by Ryan McFadden, The Puzzle Box, EDGE
Best English Poem/Song: “Night Journey: West Coast” by Eileen Kernaghan , Tesseracts Seventeen: Speculating Canada from Coast to Coast to Coast, EDGE
Best English Graphic Novel: Rock, Paper, Cynic by Peter Chiykowski, webcomic
Best English Related Work: On Spec published by the Copper Pig Writers’ Society
Best Artist: Erik Mohr, cover art for ChiZine Publications
Best Fan Music: Chris Hadfield for his performance of Space Oddity
Best Fan Organizational: Randy McCharles, Chair and Programming, When Words Collide, Calgary
Best Fan Related Work: Robert Runté, “Why I Read Canadian Speculative Fiction: The Social Dimension of Reading”, Scholar Keynote Address at ACCSFF ’13, Toronto

The Awards were presented at Canvention 34
hosted by VCON 39 Oct 4, 2014

The detailed voting and nomination numbers are here

Who have been the greatest contributors to Canadian SF & F over the years?

Here’s your chance to nominate the greatest Canadian SF Writers, Publishers, Editors, Artists, Graphic Novelists, Musicians/Filkers, Actors, Convention organizers, Fans, and Scientists and Astronauts to the CSFFA Hall of Fame.

You will nominate them not as just for this year’s novel, or con-running or whatever but for their long-term contribution to Canadian Science Fiction and/or Fantasy in one or more of the categories above and any others that you .

Nomination is straight-forward; you need to write out a description of the contributions your nominees have made that would make them eligible for the Hall of Fame.

Then email it to <HallofFame<at>>

(Replace the <at> with an @ in the above to get a real email address)

or mail it to CSFFA Hall of Fame c/o 1432 Velvet Road, Gibsons BC V0N 1V5 … before July 1st, 2015.

For more info go to <>