Remembering H. A. Hargreaves

Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association Hall of Fame inductee, H. A. Hargreaves, passed away July 27, 2017 at the age of 89. A pioneer of the genre, his collection of short stories, North By 2000, was the first ever to be marketed as Canadian science fiction. His SF had a distinctly Canadian flavour: the stories addressed Canadian themes, were set in Canada, featured humble Canadian-style protagonists rather than alpha-male heroes, and came to Canadian-style ambiguous endings. For example, in his best known story, Dead to the World, the protagonist discovers that a computer error has listed him as dead; his tribulations in trying to correct the error lead him to conclude that he may actually be better off that way. Hargreaves stories – like the man himselfwere quiet and unassuming, yet deeply insightful, frequently moving, and always memorable. He will be missed, but his stories will always remain a crucial part of the Canadian SF canon.

We want to thank Robert Runte for writing this for us.


Planning to attend this year’s Aurora Awards?

For those that are going to at Hal-Con in Halifax  for Canvention and are planning to attend either the pin and/or the awards ceremonies we would like you to signup thought Hal-Con’s Eventbrite links. They want to know how many nominees and regular fans will be showing up.

Awards (link) or the Pin Ceremony (link) – private, only accessible by using the link.

All events are free and open to the public.  They are just using the RSVP system to get an estimated headcount for food at the Awards.

2017 Aurora Awards voting is open

Voting for the 2017 Aurora Awards is now open for CSFFA members.  You have until midnight, EDT on September 2nd, 2017 to cast your ballot.

Warning:  Ballots cannot be edited once you have submitted, so make sure you are happy with your selections.

2017 Voters’ Package

This year’s voters’ package is now open to download.  You can now download ALL the categories.  Please note:  The Best of the Decade and the Fan Organizational download links are above the other categories.

Here’s a link to what is in this year’s voters’ package.

The voters’ package is open to all paid CSFFA members and will be available until voting closes on September 2nd, 2017.  Here is the link to our download page.  The works provided by our nominees and their publishers are for CSFFA members and only CSFFA members.

UPDATED: Sunday, June 11th, 2017


2017 Aurora Award ballot

We are pleased to announce the 2017 Aurora Award ballot.  Voting does not begin until July 15th and will end on September 2nd. This gives CSFFA members plenty of time read the many books and stories.

Click here to open this year’s ballot. 2017 Aurora Awards Ballot

We are planning to have the first release of this year’s voters package available early next week.

This year the we have a special category, The Best of the Decade. This is for works first published between 2001 and the end of 2010 by Canadians.  Multi-volume stories were viewed as a single work.   The six finalists were chosen by a jury of eight readers from across Canada.  Now CSFFA members will decide which of these works will receive the award.

Good luck to this year’s nominees.

Nominations close Today, Midnight EDT

Nominations close TODAY, May 6th, at Midnight EDT.  Don’t miss out.  This is your chance to have your say.  Everyone who nominates is eligible to win a free Kobo eReader from Kobo Canada.

NOTE:  All Fan Music works should be nominated in the Fan Related Work category.  Please do NOT use the other category for your choices.  If you have already nominated something using the Music category please contact us at admin <at> email.

Kobo eReader draw

We are pleased to announce that Kobo Canada is again sponsoring the Aurora’s this year.  Last year they donated a Kobo eReader for a draw from those who voted.  This year they are donating two Kobo eReaders, one for someone who voted but now also one will be drawn from those members who nominated.

Best of the Decade Aurora Award

This year we are doing a special award to honour novels and multi-volume stories that were written by Canadians between January 2001 and the end of 2010. 

We decided that stories that were published as more than one book, such as a trilogy, would be counted as a single work.  There are a few exceptions.  They would only be combined if they were a single story but split into multiple parts. Some series are just stories set in the same universe.  Those books were not combined and viewed as individual works.  We also decided that if a multi-volume story began before 2001 it would be included.  Those that started in our timeline but do not end until after 2010 would not be included this year.  They will be eligible when we do this again in 10 years. 

Deciding on what will be on the ballot has been a challenge.  The CSFFA board decided to create an independent jury of fans to review a list of works and decide on a short list that will be voted on by the CSFFA membership as part of this year’s Aurora Awards.  The long list of works was over 200 items. 

The winner of this special Aurora Award will be presented with a unique trophy.  It is a six-inch solid clear glass orb with a series of intertwining coloured glass ribbons within it.  The award will be given out in Halifax at Hal-Con this September.